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Mechanicum Knight Moirax with Lightning Locks reviews

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  • Worth it's price
    By October 26, 2020 12:48

    Not bad for it's price.
    Be a bit careful with the shoulder because it's fragile.
    Would definitely recommend.

  • Not So Great
    By October 16, 2020 07:38

    A large portion of the armour plating for this model was very weak and brittle, also had a large amount of warping on the main skeleton of the knight which required a lot of effort and heat to fix. Overall this site has provided me with decent models for a great price, the only bad purchases I have made here were this one and the Questoris Knight Magaera.

  • Looks good
    By October 11, 2020 16:01

    I haven't assembled mine yet, but the pieces look very good to me. Took about 2 months to arrive in Australia; given the COVID situation I think that's pretty fast. Will probably buy another soon.

  • Fantastic
    By September 19, 2020 09:07

    The Knight came out really good, only parts I had concerns with were the parts for the original Armiger that came out thin but seeing as the carapace for the Moirax is different I didn't even need to use those parts. Make sure to clean with soap and water before priming and if there is warping just heat it up and bend it as needed.

  • Pretty good
    By September 17, 2020 06:11

    The shoulder armor was thin and ended up cutting too much off when trimming so be careful. Included were other parts for a normal armiger so that's a bonus, gives you options. Enjoyed building this. If I need more these will be it.

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