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  • Forgot to rate.
    By November 23, 2020 02:44
  • Fits well, but....
    By November 23, 2020 02:43

    This model has the most mold lines I've ever had from a model on this site. Expect things to break. The way that this model was designed and the brittleness of the resin on it's thinner pieces means you will have your challenges when putting it together. This means that traveling with the model from this site will be tenuous because it will break if not handled with absolute care. Everything fits together perfectly and the detail is fantastic, however, I would caution that this is not a kit for beginners.

  • Great Cast
    By November 13, 2020 05:37

    This is the 4th chatacter I have purchased from this site and I am impressed. All of the little bits are here (look for assembly instructions online) and they line up perfect. Great addition to any Necron army.

  • Excellent quality
    By October 14, 2020 05:32

    Just received my order. Excellent quality model. Very well made and extremely smooth no to little work required from other recasts. Very little flash even. Would recommend purchasing this if you want that new Necron model.

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